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Meet Woodies Drum Sticks

I'd like to introduce you to a brand new drum stick company called Woodies! I like to keep up with drum companies, new instruments, and anyone finding new ways to make waves in the drumming community. Woodies is one of the newest on the block, and they've got an energy I can identify with!

Joe Hamm with the prototype pair of Woodies drumsticks
Prototype pair of Woodies drum sticks in my home studio

When I became aware of Woodies through an Instagram post, I reached out to Steve-o, the owner and founder of the company, to congratulate him on going for it. In this world of texting, emailing, commenting, and messaging, sometimes a phone call can go a long way. Steve-O and I talked on the phone for about an hour and he told me all about his story, what he envisioned for his drumstick company, and some of the challenges along the way.

We both come from a punk rock background, and had similar experiences within the music industry at the tail end of the dinosaur age, when everyone was pushing getting giant record deals that no longer existed. Building and maintaining a music career in the independent music era we're in now is like doing a floating puzzle on the ever moving ocean. While the music is challenging enough, the water moves, waves crash, and everything around the music is constantly changing and evolving. Those who stick with it ( oh hey, look at that awesome pun ) and keep trying new things are the ones that keep reinventing, and continue. I really identify with and admire that kind of drive. Steve-O has taken his business experience gained over the last 15 or so years, matched them with drumming skills, and his love for the instrument and the drumming community, and is going for it!

Woodies drum sticks and Joe Hamm.
Prototype Woodies sleeve

I love seeing new instrument companies emerge within the drumming community. Not just because trying these products out is a blast, but because the people who are making products they believe in are inspiring. They're go getters. They're people who love drumming, and want to create something that will fire people up. They're great people and that's the kind of energy I resonate with and surround myself with. If theres a way I can amplify or support the companies and entrepreneurs within them, I definitely will.

Woodies 5B Long prototype with a ball tip

Steve-O invited me to try out a prototype pair of drum sticks from the first batch, and requested feedback. While I was on the phone I heard him rustling around finding one more pair of prototypes, tossing a pair in along with some stickers in the mail as we spoke. This is the kind of energy hustle we're dealing with here folks!

When I received the pair in the mail I was so stoked. The package included a letter, a pair of sticks, and two stickers. The creative process, be it the musical process, in business, or anywhere in between, is never about one person. Success is collective, and it's my view that we rely on one another's strengths and talents to make our ideas reality. We all have something to contribute, and if we can build one another up, it's better for all of us.

I took reviewing the prototype pair seriously, and put the sticks through a thoughtful set of tests. I've been refining my drum stick preferences for years, and have a really good feel for what kind of stick, length, tip type, shoulder, taper, weight, I really like. Drum sticks are part of the instrument, since playing drastically different sticks changes how the instrument feels to play, as well as the sound created. Add to that, I built my dining room table during the pandemic with the help of a friend and learned a lot about how wood works. I sent Steve-O a long email and gave him my feedback. There were plenty of wins with this prototype, everything from consistency of the manufacturing, to the feel, to the brand look. There were areas the stick could be improved as well. That's the entire point of gathering feedback, and I sent those detailed notes along too.

Joe Hamm's stickbag.

Steve-O enthusiastically responded to my feedback and expressed his appreciation. He made a few changes based on my observations where he felt aligned with the direction the first drum stick was going and what design changes he could knock out this round. I'm stoked. The first batch just arrived yesterday and Woodies is starting with one drum stick model. As soon as they grow, new models will come out over time. I'm sure you'll be hearing more exciting developments about Woodies very soon. Learn more about Woodies drum sticks at and @woodiesdrumsticks on Instagram. Congratulations to Steve-O at Woodies for going for it, and finding ways to make something happen! Even before the big launch, that alone is worth celebrating. Welcome to my stick bag Woodies!

Woodies drum sticks prototype 5B Long

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