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Junto Trio

A preview of Junto, a modern jazz trio featuring Jaison Wynne and Matt Paddock.

Glass Magic

Glass Magic - Magic! by Flambeau (aka Eddie Bernard)

In collaboration with Chrysler Museum of Art's Glass Studio, I worked with Charlotte Potter, and Eddie Bernard to bring musical tension, anticipation, curiosity, and wonder to accompany the talents of glass artist and magician Eddie Bernard. In this interdisciplinary collaboration, audiences were intrigued to discover and wander until the dramatic reveal! Jacob Hull and Nate Fender were featured musicians on this performance.

Radient Intensity

Victor Wooten at Soundscapes

In 2019 I had the opportunity to perform alongside Victor Wooten and the Soundscapes musicians at the 2019 Soundscapes Gala. This original piece entitled Game Time was co-written by student musicians, and Soundscapes' special guest bassist Victor Wooten performed with the students and I.

Chasing Arrows Live at The Norva

On a memorable St. Patricks Day performance, Chasing Arrows performed with Carbon Leaf for a packed house in Norfolk, Virginia at it's historic Norva venue.

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